• HEE-JIN KIM, DDS, PhD, Professor

    Facial clinical anatomy for filler and thread
    - for you and your patients

  • Hyong Moon Kim, MD

    Practical guide line for pretarsal augmentation using hyaluronic acid filler

  • Wook Oh, MD

    Lip augmentation and corner lift with dermal filler and botulinum toxin injection

  • Hee-dae Jeon, MD, Professor

    The Latest Trend of Filler Injection in Korea

  • Sang Seop Kim, MD

    Simple and easy nonsurgical rhinoplasty using Scaffold
    - Basic technique
    - Prevention and Resolution methods of side effect

  • Joon Kim, MD

    Safe and natural rhinoplasty with human dermal tissue

  • Jung Hyun Yoon, MD

    Noncontour PDO thread lift
    - It’s indications and how can I apply to the patient
    - Advantages of 3D image analysis about B&A photo

  • Le Hanh, MD, PhD

    New trends of Aesthetic surgery and medicine. The regulations intended for practitioners focus on the ensured safety

  • In Ho Khang, MD

    Surgical approach of Dark circle
    - Subconjunctival infraorbital fat reduction and relocation

  • Richard Huy, MD, MSc

    Modify Z Plasty in Medial Epicanthoplasty

  • Xuan Hung, MD


  • Min Hyung Park, MD

    Safe forehead filler considering vascular direction
    - Vascular anatomy
    - Injection layer

  • Min Jun Kim, MD

    Create a pretty temple shape along the forehead line;
    - Give volume with temple filler according to the layers

  • Gong Chan Rah, MD

    Understanding Nasolabial fold and handling

  • Young Kwon Kim, MD

    How to design and use massive amount of filler
    - My design points

  • Dien Huu Le, MD

    The difficulties in treatment of facial filler injection complications

  • Yong Haeng Lee, MD

    Simple, dramatic eyebrow, forehead and neck lifting using Cog thread that are difficult without surgery

  • Sung Hwan An, MD

    Combination treatment with filler and thread
    - Create young and bright impression around lower eyelid area

  • Mun Sang Ki, MD

    New paradigm of face contouring
    - Lemon balm medical device for slim face and efficient face lift

  • Chang Hwan Cho, MD

    Side-Free facial pigmentation and redness treatment and Facial Reshaping through the noninvasive scalp lifting

  • Sang Seop Kim, MD

    Novel skin booster, containing high concentrations of glucose
    - Introduction of characters and technique.

  • Min Ho Lee, MD

    New insight, New paradigm: Melasma treatment using picosecond laser
    - Understanding LIOB (laser induced optical breakdown)

  • Ho Sung Choi, MD

    EXOSOME : A new paradigm for skin rejuvenation

  • Jewan Kaiser Hwang, MD

    New Concepts of Treating pores with DMAE and Laser

  • Yong Ho Hwang, MD

    Combination Treatment of SNJ Laser & Lucent Mask
    - New procedures to treat Melasma with Finebeam
    - Upgrade Scar Treatment with U-Pulse, prevention the development of PIH

  • Min Hyung Park, MD

    Neocollagenogenesis and ECM revitalization using skin booster

  • Sang Su Lee, MD

    Effective skin pigment treatment with long-pulsed laser
    - Understanding thermokinetic selectivity
    - Noble technique with Fractional handpiece

  • Seong Ho Wee, MD

    Principle of intradermal toxin injection

  • Hyong Moon Kim, MD

    Body shape contouring using BoNT-A

  • Sang Su Lee, MD

    Safe and effective acne scar treatment with CO2 fractional laser

  • Pham Huu Nghi, MD, PhD, Assoc Prof

    Combining Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) and Fractional 1927nm laser in the face rejuvenation

  • Jewan Kaiser Hwang, MD

    Advantages of multi-subpulsed active Q-switching Nd: YAG laser in freckles, melasma and another pigmentation treatment

  • Jung Hyun Yoon, MD

    New Optimal Peeling for Asian by Theraderm - Black peel, Pink peel and Laser combination program

  • Sung Eun Yun, MD

    What to consider when you open your own clinic

  • Sung Duck Choi, MD

    Beautiful face in oriental aesthetic field
    - Face shape and anatomical structure

  • Doo Hwan Kim, MD, PhD

    Skin whitening procedures & skin booster (PDRN)
    - PDRN, MGF, HA
    - Peeling, laser, etc.

  • Young Jin Kim

    Introduce about Beauty wellpharm Skin booster

  • Jae Wook Lew, MD, PhD

    According to the age group various cosmetic treatment

  • Hyun Joon Jang

    Introduce about le-filleo Skin booster

  • Mun Sang Ki, MD

    The Newest generation of RF Treatment
    - Effective Face and Body Treatment Using a Speialized RF System

  • Sang Su Lee, MD

    Skin treatment and rejuvenation with high frequency ultrasound (Intense ultra)
    - Improtance of 10MHz ultrasound
    - Skin tightening and lifting
    - Rosacea and acne treatment

  • Hyoung Ju Kim, MD

    Epi toning - Treatment to get glowing skin immediately

  • Ki Wook Kim, MD

    Dermotoxin for rejuvenation

  • Hwal Lee, MD

    Make a lean face with botox on the mentalis, masseter, temporal muscle

  • Dong Hyun Kim, MD

    Importance of laser post-management and practical useful methods

  • Won Kyu Park, MD, PhD

    Theoretical Understanding and Synergies of Body Shape Management Equipment